A northern Brewer’s Guild was hosting its largest weekend event, a Friday/Saturday Beer festival. Tickets sales for Friday were down so the client enlisted our services to boost revenue for Friday tickets only. We were given 10 days to achieve our revenue goal.

  • Having tried many other marketing methods without getting a proper return on investment, the client was skeptical of our recommended tactics.
  • We were given a directive to avoid event related keywords.
  • We were given a directive to avoid a geography within a close proximity of the event. The client felt that locals would buy tickets at the gate.
  • We were given only 10 days to provide an appropriate ROI.
  • We utilized Google Ads Search Engine Marketing to deliver clicks to the website and then used conversion tracking to monitor ticket sales
  • We optimized the campaign by utilizing the keywords that were bringing in the best results and pausing any keywords that were not converting to ensure the budget was spent to deliver the highest possible ROI.
  • We focused on the geographical area which would capture a new audience within an easy drive distance from the event.

Brewing up even more success: 

The Brewer’s Guild re-enlisted our services for their next two events with month long campaign runs. By building on successful strategies from the first campaign and with more time to optimize, the second campaign resulted in an 11.23% CTR and a rate of return on their investment greater than 400%, while the third campaign resulted in a 17% CTR and an ROI of 772%.


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