A hospital in North Carolina was seeking a new digital media company after issues with customer service, slow responsiveness and inadequate reporting. Their overall goals were to increase website traffic from a very targeted consumer audience, receive regular reporting and be able to count on reliable and responsive communication. Compass Media LLC was rewarded the search engine marketing and display advertising services for this integrated health care system. The goals of the campaigns were to obtain new patients by promoting the health care service lines, clinics and hospitals.

How We Helped: 
  • The campaigns started with search and display advertising in Google. We restructured all campaigns and ad groups to maximize qualified traffic to the various medical services lines, clinics and a network of physicians. We were quickly able to increase the quality of ads by utilizing better ad text, keywords and keyword formats. We also recommended leading traffic to more relevant landing pages.
  • Every month, we reported on metrics from each campaign and included highlights of successes and strategic recommendations for improvement. We were then able to expand campaign tactics to include Facebook, Instagram and YouTube advertising. This increased audience reach through these social platforms, brought in many new followers and stimulated strong traffic, views and audience engagement.
  • We regularly kept the client informed about new ad formats, targeting methods, platforms and campaign types. We tested various messaging, images and formats to see what was bringing in the strongest, quality traffic. As new ad extensions and ad formats became available, we recommended and tested them to continually improve the relevance of our ad messaging.
  • The search ads have continued to appear in the first position on Google search results pages and achieved click-through rates that are 3.25 times better than
    the industry standard.

We work with our clients as a long-term, strategic partners to continually evolve marketing strategies that consistently meet your goals. Contact us now for a free consultation.