Medical client offering chiropractic services and massage therapy to individuals with back, neck, head pain. This client also offers chiropractic care to individuals suffering from injuries related to car accidents.


  • Target potential new patient’s suffering auto accident injuries or head, neck and back pain
  • Generate high amounts of traffic and strong campaign CTR percentages 
  • Generate phone calls to the client’s office for new patient appointments


  • Restricted monthly budget
  • High CPCs on desired keywords
  • High competition in close proximity of client’s office


  • Set up search campaign targeting keywords based on a potential patient’s search terms
  • Highlight chiropractic care and services in ad copy and relevant ad extensions
  • Bid aggressively for more competitive keywords to get client’s business in front of potential patients
  • Use Call, Location, Sitelink, Callout & Structured Snippet Extensions to maximize ad information and performance
  • Use bid adjustments to focus on top-performing devices, genders & ages
  • Create custom daily ad schedule for peak-time performance
  • Set up a call tracking service through CallRail, a third party call tracking service. This allows us to supply our client with as much information as possible about callers with a successful phone call connection to the office




CTR - (165% above industry average)

CallRail tracking has benefited our client regarding staff training. Additionally, this allows our client to keep track of calls coming from their website rather than paid services. We are able to provide our client with a list of insights that gives several pieces of info about the caller:

  • Date & time of call
  • City/state
  • Caller name (if desired)
  • Caller phone number
  • Our tracking number that is seen by the caller and dialed
  • Duration of call
  • Recording


Through our campaign tracking, our client was able to track patients he gained from his paid ads. We were then able to focus his spend on the ad groups, ads and keywords that converted into patients instead of just quality traffic.

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