Are you looking to take your destination marketing to the next level? Pinterest might be a great place to start.

While some might think Pinterest is just a platform for people looking up recipes or event planning ideas, this visual search engine continues to show significant marketing value for brands across multiple industries, especially destination marketing.

Not convinced? Check out these stats from the 2018 Travel Trends Report released by Pinterest.

  • 3 in 4 travel Pinners say travel Pins from brands are useful— and nearly all will act on what they see, often booking an unplanned trip.
  • 40+ million people in the US are on Pinterest every month looking for travel ideas.
  • 49% of US travelers who spend $1,000 or more on travel are on Pinterest.
  • Pinterest reaches almost 2x more online travelers than top online travel agency sites.


Reach Users on Pinterest During the Travel Planning Journey

Through an effectively managed Pinterest account your brand can provide a multitude of resources for Pinners during their travel planning journey.

What’s a travel planning journey you ask? Great question. A travel planning journey is a term that describes the behavioral phases a person will go through when deciding where to take their next trip. These include the inspiration, booking and planning phases. Below is a breakdown of how you can reach travelers during each phase on Pinterest.

  • Inspiration Phase – People use Pinterest to find new destinations to visit and research adventures to add to their bucket list. Reach these users by pinning beautiful, eye-catching imagery. Focus on the traveler and demonstrate how they can experience your destination through strong visuals.
  • Booking Phase – When making final travel plans, people will use Pinterest to see which destination appeals to them the most. Reach them by showing visuals that promote the benefits of your destination. Use strong messaging and calls-to-action to encourage bookings and travel decisions to be finalized.
  • Planning Phase – Now that the destination has been finalized, the itinerary creation begins. Use pins that provide value and assistance to travelers. Pin sample itineraries, expert guidance and helpful information that can enhance the traveling experience.


Advertising on Pinterest

Just like Facebook, Pinterest also offers an array of advertising opportunities.

Through native ad units Pinterest can help grow awareness, drive consideration and more for your destination. Targeting options like interest, keyword and audience targeting can refine your campaign to reach the exact prospective travelers you want to visit your destination.

Pinterest also has remarketing capabilities that can reconnect with Pinners who have previously interacted with your destination online through the following ways.

  • Customer List Targeting: Target existing customers using emails or mobile ad IDs
  • Visitor Remarketing: Reach people who’ve visited your site
  • Lookalike Targeting: Reach a larger group of people who look and act similar to your audience.

In closing, Pinterest is a unique platform that provides destinations, and many other industries, with marketing resources that can connect them to their target audience through a unique and native experience.

If you are interested in exploring how your brand can utilize this visual search engine, Compass Media would be happy to help. Click here to contact one of our team members today.