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Phones and computers aren’t the only ways to reach your target audience digitally. Compass Media offers a network of highly visible digital billboards and screens to boost brand recognition and drive results in a cost-efficient way.

Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) leverages digital screens that are hosted in public areas — like digital billboards on highways and in airports, train stations, bus shelters, shopping malls, and healthcare facilities — and delivers your message to your target audience while they’re off their mobile devices. 

OOH should be part of your omni-channel marketing strategy to help you amplify the message that you are pushing across other media channels.

Using audience demographics, data triggers, time of day, geographic targeting — and even weather conditions — our digital marketing experts deliver your eye-catching creatives to your intended audience where and when it matters most.

ARE YOU in front of consumers?

The average person spends more than three hours on their phone each day, and there are countless platforms to effectively reach your target audience while they scroll — social media, search engines, YouTube, apps and more.

But how do you reach your audience in the other 10+ waking hours of the day when they’re commuting to work, grabbing a bite to eat, running errands, shopping and more?

Enter: DOOH marketing.

This emerging trend is cost-effective and complements the online and mobile marketing tactics you have in place.  

Engaging with Digital Out-of-Home!

DOOH delivers an engaging mix of content by displaying creative assets on a rotating basis. With regular billboards, the same static image will stay up for weeks or even months, whereas a digital ad can change every 15 seconds. This variety on the screen keeps viewers interested and more receptive to messaging.

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